Campfire Strawberries


It’s strawberry season on Cape Cod.  That time of year when the native berries are ripe and juicy, practically jumping off the vine, begging to be picked and popped right into your mouth.  It’s a short season as far as produce goes: just a few weeks and they are gone.  So, it’s important to drop everything and partake in these glorious red orbs at every possible moment.  The best way, I think, is to pour a little sugar over sliced berries and make a shortcake topped with whipped cream to make a classic strawberry shortcake  But don’t despair if you’ve missed the local strawberry window or it’s the middle of the winter when you are reading this.  I know that the strawberries in the off season sold supermarkets across the country leave something to be desired.  They are often huge and red and look delicious but one bite reveals their tough exterior, white insides and lack of flavor.  Here is a remedy in the recipe below.  Campfire strawberries make everyone happy.  They are smothered in marshmallow fluff adding sweetness, the heat tenderizes the berry and the combination of warmed berries and toasted marshmallow is quite delicious.  A very good way to enjoy strawberries no matter the season.

Campfire Strawberries

1 quart strawberries

1 large container Marshmallow Fluff



  Wash and dry the strawberries.  (This is best done a few hours in advance.)  Spear a berry with two skewers creating an “X”.  This prevents the strawberry from flopping off the skewer.  Smear the strawberry with fluff using a large frosting spreader or a small rubber spatula.  Toast the marshmallow and berry over and open flame  such as a campfire or use a kitchen torch until the marshmallow is the desired color.  Enjoy immediately.




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Hi I'm Andrea I love to cook and bake for my friends and loved ones. Especially comforting foods such as soup and bread and don't forget the sweet treats! I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts in a coastal New England town where life is dictated by the seasons: going to the beach in the summer and shoveling snow in the wintertime. I am lucky to have my days revolve around my family: I have two children, a husband and a dog. My parents live right down the street in the house where I grew up. Life is good here and I always want to share it through a delicious meal and a friendly gathering. So, get out your soup pot and your baking pans and gather up your ingredients. Let's cook up some magic together!

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