I have some special people in my life.  I make them soup.  I also bake bread to go with the soup.  There are times when I might give them a sweet treat, too.  That’s how special they are.

This site houses the recipes.

Soup is an easy food to make and a comforting meal.  It’s nice to know after a long day that you can come home and heat some up to eat while you are snuggling on the couch and watching a favorite t.v. show.  It’s also a communal food.  A big pot of soup is easy to share, invite friends over to let them know how much you like them.

I hope you enjoy these recipes and make them often.  I will keep adding to the list.

A little bit about me…

I am also the author of the popular blog, “Notes from Val’s Kitchen” where I tell stories and shares recipes about my life growing up and living on Cape Cod.  My mother, Val has always had an organic garden and created meals as well as prom dresses from scratch while my father continues to shellfish for quahogs and scallops which paid for my college tuition and now serves as a source of joy in retirement.  My family including my husband and two children as well as longtime friends serve as inspiration for my writing.  I like to promote a balanced lifestyle which includes cooking and eating local produce, seafood, meats and cheeses as well as the occasional sweets and a cocktail, or two.  My favorite thing to do is to celebrate my seaside hometown through anecdotes and offerings.

I am lucky to make guest appearances as a culinary instructor at Historic Highfield Hall, the restored summer estate of the once illustrious Beebe family of Boston, MA, now an arts and culture center.  Here I highlight my love of local ingredients through cooking demonstrations and recipe sharing.  Being a board member of the Falmouth Farmers’ Market allows me to promote local producers and healthy eating initiatives. When I am not in the kitchen, at my computer or running around town, I can usually be found at the beach, my feet in the sand and breathing in the salt air.

Thanks for checking out my soup blog.  I hope you enjoy the recipes and little stories.  Please come back often and leave some comments, too.




To check out my other blog:


For more information on Historic Highfield Hall and Falmouth Farmers’ Market





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